Social Sales Solution

Sell Socially.
Attract prospects, retain customers, and grow business.

The Hearsay Social platform is optimized for salespeople, empowering them to easily adopt leading social-selling techniques to attract prospects, retain customers, and grow business. Easy to use capabilities such as social signals alerts, scheduling, and libraries of ready-to-publish content provide everything sales representatives need to efficiently sell socially.

Move beyond tired sales tactics and successfully adopt leading social-selling techniques. The only solution optimized for salespeople, Hearsay Social is proven to increase customer retention, referrals, and revenues.

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The only solution optimized for salespeople, Hearsay Social

“Using the Hearsay Social platform and LinkedIn has helped me turn every client relationship into 5-10 new potential client relationships”

- Chris Andrews, Managing Director, A Leading Financial Firm

Demonstrate expertise.
Easy posting with the Content Library.

It’s important that clients and prospects look to you as the trusted expert. But, consumers are becoming less and less likely to open a direct mailer or respond to an email. The Hearsay Social Content Library provides access to relevant content and enables you to easily share your expertise across networks, positioning yourself as an industry expert and keeping you top of mind with customers and prospects.


One-click login to view pre-approved, engaging content recommended by corporate marketing.


One-click scheduling or posting of content across Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, and Foursquare.

Create an engaging social presence.

Easily create a Facebook page or LinkedIn profile with pre-approved templates loaded into Hearsay Social by the marketing team. Access one-click campaigns provided by marketing, as well as:

  • Cover photos
  • Pre-approved descriptions
  • Quote request and referral apps

Schedule content to post throughout the week within seconds. Sales reps can monitor posts on Facebook pages, LinkedIn profiles, Twitter pages, and Google+ pages in real-time, or at their convenience. For regulated industries, the Hearsay Social Compliance Solution captures the social activity of employees and third-parties on pages and profiles.

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Hearsay Social’s robust analytics help optimize your content and marketing materials

Personalized analytics.
Intuitive real-time data.

  • Engagement: understand how customers and prospects engage with content and posts.
  • Growth: track progress for each social network.
  • Activity: learn which networks generate the most responses.
  • Customer-level data: know when customers have interacted with pages.

Get alerts with Social Signals.
Hear and respond in real time.

People share some of the most meaningful moments of their lives on social media, providing an unprecedented opportunity for you to get to know and communicate with them. Social Signals notifies you of important events in the lives of people in your network, so you know when to reach out to the right people and have the context you need, to have more meaningful conversations.

Manage relationships with important contacts

Strategy, Training, and Support
Your success is our business.

Each Customer Success Manager is a veteran social strategist, hailing from tech giants like Facebook,, Google, and Microsoft. Maximize your investment in social media. Drive social sales effectiveness with easy onboarding and comprehensive training. Stay updated on new social media features, trends, and best practices.
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Enterprise Rights Management
Architecture and integrations at unmatched scale.

  • SSO, SAML2, OpenID

    Single sign-on for 1-click secure login

  • LDAP

    Real-time sync of employee records and organizational hierarchies

  • Enterprise Ready

    Deep Enterprise Integration
    Enterprise hierarchies are built into every aspect of the Hearsay Social product

Delivering scale, reliability, integration, and security without compromise. Enhance your operational efficiency with single sign-on (SSO) through SAML2 and OpenID, and integrate social data with existing enterprise systems via LDAP.
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