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Enterprise Rights Management

Enterprise Scale and Integration

Hearsay Social is an enterprise-class platform, proven to scale quickly across large, distributed organizations. Hearsay Social integrates with single sign-on (SSO) systems, LDAP directories for hierarchies, and provides SAS 70 level data security.

We offer the most comprehensive solution on the market – period. The Hearsay Social platform delivers scale, reliability, integration, and security, without compromise.

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Proven Deployments to Thousands
of Users within Weeks

Hearsay Social has been successfully rolled out to thousands of agents, reps, advisors, and store managers within a matter of weeks, not months. Hearsay Social is easy enough to use without training. Each customer partners with a Customer Success Manager who will help to rapidly deploy and onboard your entire team – from the corporate administrator to the regional manager to the local user. Our onboarding process drives smooth adoption at scale.

  • SSO, SAML2, OpenID

    Single sign-on for 1-click secure login

  • LDAP

    Automatic sync of employee records and organizational hierarchies

  • Enterprise Ready

    Deep Enterprise Integration
    Enterprise hierarchies are built into every aspect of the Hearsay Social product

Single Sign-On (SSO) and LDAP

Delivering scale, reliability, integration, and security without compromise. Enhance your operational efficiency with single sign-on (SSO) through SAML2 and OpenID, and integrate social data with existing enterprise systems via LDAP.

Enterprise Systems Ready

Export your social media data and supervision history to your existing email archiving and surveillance systems, such as Autonomy or Symantec. Data formats are customizable, ensuring that your email, chat, and social data share one common format.

We also support unique enterprise hierarchies, allowing you to apply different rules across the organization and run reports based on business role, geographic structure, and more.

No User Interface Proxy to Break or Cause IT Headaches

No UI proxy means no gaps in coverage, web browser configuration, or ongoing maintenance. Our API approach gives you complete and continuous enterprise coverage.

Hearsay Social tailors to your organization with dynamic hierarchy management.