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Content Exchange

Content Curation, Social Syndication

The Hearsay Social Content Exchange is a revolutionary content curation platform that allows marketers and salespeople to easily discover, curate, and post engaging updates to their profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+.

Content Exchange empowers administrators to pull content from any RSS feed and input pieces of relevant content directly into the Hearsay Social Content Library for local distribution.

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It reduces the amount of time my team spends curating pre-approved content while improving their relevancy, timeliness, and effectiveness.”
– Marc Zeitlin, VP of Marketing at Farmers Insurance

Third Party Content

We’ve partnered with Thomson Reuters, Demand Media, Tribune Media Services, and Distribion to provide our customers with direct feeds of the highest-quality content. Easily select content, craft a message, and syndicate to local representatives, so they can share with their audiences across social networks.

Custom Feeds

In addition to premium third-party content, Hearsay Social customers can create custom channels on the platform. These custom channels could include a company blog, a YouTube channel, or a custom RSS feed tailored to the interests of your organization.