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Social Media Compliance: What’s Next in 2016?

At Hearsay Social, we have the pleasure of working with some of the world’s leading financial services companies, many of whom are on the cutting edge of technology and compliance. As we start a new year, it is important that we are aligned with our partners and their 2016 priorities. So at the close of 2015, I reached out to a variety of thought leaders in social media compliance for financial services to hear what they’re focused on for this coming year. Read more >

Advisors Are Texting, But Are They Compliant?

Firms need to have proper supervision over their advisers' text messaging activities as regulators pay closer attention to compliance infractions Read more >

Delivering Innovative Compliance Solutions to Our Customers

One of our core objectives at Hearsay Social is to deliver industry-leading compliance and governance solutions to our customers. Developing truly innovative compliance technology is multi-faceted; it’s not just about coverage or control, but also about Read more >
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Announcing the Predictive Omnichannel Suite in Europe

We’re thrilled to announce the availability of our new email solution, Hearsay Mail™, and text messaging solution, Hearsay Messages™, in Europe! Our European customers now have access to the full Predictive Omnichannel Suite™ (#omnichanneladvisor), empowering their advisors and agents to build, deepen and grow relationships with their clients and prospects across multiple digital channels. Read more >

Transforming Traditional Advisor Channels: Announcing Hearsay Messages and the Predictive Omnichannel Suite

Today, I’m thrilled to announce our Predictive Omnichannel Suite, a full set of integrated apps purpose-built for advisors to save time, stay relevant, and deliver more personalized service to their clients. Read more >
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5 Spooky Fears Financial Advisors Face

One of the worst nightmares for a financial advisor or insurance agent is missing an important event in his or her client’s life–one of several spooky challenges advisors face on a daily basis. Deep down inside advisors want to provide the very best for their clients, so not meeting their clients’ expectations because of process […] Read more >

Our Mission: Helping Customers Adapt to Constant Change

Consumer social media platforms change constantly, and as an innovation partner and technology provider to our customers, we make it our job to keep up with these changes to ensure our customers are able to best utilize these social networks to engage clients and build deeper relationships. In 2014, Facebook announced that it would be […] Read more >