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Hearsay Social CEO Clara Shih: The Vertical Cloud and Regulations Will Have a Profound Impact on Business in 2016

In 2015, the exponential changes taking place within the technology industry was a recurring theme in the business world. Change was no longer just ubiquitous; it was accelerating. Today, this message has become even clearer as technological advancements continue at a rapid pace and are revolutionizing every aspect of our daily lives. Read more >

6 Tips for an Email Strategy That Works

While email has been around long enough that it has achieved relative maturity as a marketing channel, with proven best practices and countless technologies and tools that allow marketers to build and test every aspect of email marketing campaigns, it’s time to rethink our approach. As marketers are becoming better and better at the “best […] Read more >

Hearsay Social Receives Two Patents for Technology that Advances Social Media Compliance and Security

We’re  excited to announce today that Hearsay Social has been granted two new patents that empower firms to manage social media risk and ensure regulatory compliance. Our innovative, market-leading product team has developed unique solutions that address the challenges of social media for the regulated industries that we serve. We’re thrilled that the patent office […] Read more >

Delivering Innovative Compliance Solutions to Our Customers

One of our core objectives at Hearsay Social is to deliver industry-leading compliance and governance solutions to our customers. Developing truly innovative compliance technology is multi-faceted; it’s not just about coverage or control, but also about Read more >
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Announcing the Predictive Omnichannel Suite in Europe

We’re thrilled to announce the availability of our new email solution, Hearsay Mail™, and text messaging solution, Hearsay Messages™, in Europe! Our European customers now have access to the full Predictive Omnichannel Suite™ (#omnichanneladvisor), empowering their advisors and agents to build, deepen and grow relationships with their clients and prospects across multiple digital channels. Read more >

6 Ways to Increase Social Business Adoption

The success of your social business program depends on your employees actually using the social business platform. Learn the six steps for increasing social business adoption within your organization. Read more >
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The Omnichannel Advisor: An Executive’s Guide to Turning Impersonal Transactions Into Personal Interactions (New Playbook)

The customer journey for offerings from financial services and insurance companies is changing dramatically, with an increasing array of online and offline options for researching and buying new products and services. The old ways of selling are coming to an end, paving the way for companies to deliver highly targeted and personalized communications seamlessly across multiple channels […] Read more >