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The Omnichannel Advisor: An Executive’s Guide to Turning Impersonal Transactions Into Personal Interactions (New Playbook)

The customer journey for offerings from financial services and insurance companies is changing dramatically, with an increasing array of online and offline options for researching and buying new products and services. The old ways of selling are coming to an end, paving the way for companies to deliver highly targeted and personalized communications seamlessly across multiple channels […] Read more >

Transforming Traditional Advisor Channels: Announcing Hearsay Messages and the Predictive Omnichannel Suite

Today, I’m thrilled to announce our Predictive Omnichannel Suite, a full set of integrated apps purpose-built for advisors to save time, stay relevant, and deliver more personalized service to their clients. Read more >
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5 Spooky Fears Financial Advisors Face

One of the worst nightmares for a financial advisor or insurance agent is missing an important event in his or her client’s life–one of several spooky challenges advisors face on a daily basis. Deep down inside advisors want to provide the very best for their clients, so not meeting their clients’ expectations because of process […] Read more >
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The Future of Wealth Management: 4 Insights From BlackRock Leadership Event

I recently attended BlackRock's prestigious Leader to Leader event and participated in a panel titled "The Evolving Investor Experience" moderated by Salim Ramji, head of U.S. Wealth Advisory at BlackRock. We had an insightful dialogue on the future of the industry and, overall, surfaced four key issues and topics that were – and continue to be – top of mind. Read more >

New and Improved Hearsay Social Mobile App Allows for Compliant Social Access on Android Devices

Social media is inherently mobile. In fact, over half a billion active Facebook users access it solely from their mobile devices. And we at Hearsay Social believe that the advisors and agents who use our technology should have the flexibility to post and engage on social media via their mobile devices. So, today we are thrilled to announce the […] Read more >
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5 Lessons for Women to Succeed in a Male-Dominated Tech World #GHC15

In the decade since my first Grace Hopper Celebration, I've worked as a software developer at Microsoft, in business operations at Google, and in product management at Salesforce.com before building an app that went viral, writing a New York Times-featured bestselling book, founding a startup named Hearsay Social, and joining the Starbucks board of directors. But back then, sitting in the GHC audience, I had no idea of course that any of these things would happen. Here are five lessons I learned along the way. Read more >
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Introducing Hearsay Mail, an Efficient Email Marketing Solution for Advisors and Agents

Today, we are excited to announce Hearsay Mail, the latest technology in our Predictive Social Suite, which will make it easy for companies and advisors to efficiently reach and engage with customers through personalized emails at scale. Now, busy advisors and agents can send relevant, personal emails Read more >