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Introducing Hearsay Social’s Predictive Social Suite for Advisors

Mobile, social, and web technologies are changing the way we live and work – including how consumers discover and make important buying decisions regarding financial products and services. Over 40% of high-net worth individuals under the age of 40 cite social media as important for accessing information on financial products or services, and this number keeps growing.
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#HSonAir Employee Spotlight Series: Eli Menaker (Marketing)

In episode 30 we introduce Eli Menaker (@EliZelig), Online and Email Marketing Manager at Hearsay Social. In our discussion we explore Eli’s role in promoting the Hearsay Social brand with clients and prospects, how he leverages technology to make a connection, and thoughts about the Predictive Social Suite we announced in Mid-February.  We also riff about […] Read more >

Farewell Ronny- A New Adventure Begins

In episode 29 we bid farewell to Ronny Kerr (@RonnyKerr), co-host of Hearsay Social On the Air as he embarks on a new adventure.  In our discussion we’ll reflect on the evolution of our company and brand during his time here and what lies ahead as he moves forward in a new chapter of his […] Read more >
sifma 2014 data

Celebrating SIFMA’s 2014 Year in Review

America has the largest and deepest capital markets in the world - according to the Federal Reserve, the capital markets provide approximately 75% of financing for businesses in the U.S. Read more >
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Life Lessons Scholarship Announcement: Deadline is March 3

Life Lessons Scholarship program eases the financial burden of college when a parent or guardian dies without life insurance. Deadline to apply is: March 3, 2015 at 4pm EST. It’s not too late! Losing a parent or guardian is hard enough—the emotional strain and sense of loss can be devastating to a child or young […] Read more >

Interview with Jeremy Floyd of BPV Capital Management

In episode 28 we sit down to discuss digital transformation in financial services with Jeremy Floyd (@jfloyd), CMO of BPV Capital Management and Adjunct Professor at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. In our discussion we explore how social, mobile and digital technologies are changing client expectations, brand development and inbound marketing. We also touch briefly […] Read more >

The Advisor of the Future: How to Stay Relevant in the Digital Age

In episode 27, we discuss The Advisor of the Future: How to Stay Relevant in the Digital Age a new Executive Report released on February 19th, 2015 as part of our overall Predictive Social Suite campaign.  Nicole Johnson (@nicjohnmedia), and Victor Gaxiola (@VictorGaxiola) co-authors of the report sit down with Ronny Kerr (@RonnyKerr)  to discuss the changing landscape […] Read more >
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Social media compliance: 7 social media tips for insurance pros

Many insurance professionals initially perceived social media as a risky new channel due to the complications of regulatory requirements on communications with the public and advertising. That said, the benefits of going social, allowing agents to go where their customers are and reaching the right audience at the right moment, have proven to far outweigh the risks. Read more >