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The Age of the Trusted, Omnichannel Advisor: Insights from Social Business Innovation Summit 2015

It was an honor and delight to bring together more than 100 top insurance and wealth management executives, and hear from seven impressive fellow Silicon Valley tech startups.
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#HSonAir Podcast: Customer Spotlight Series- Interview with Cori Schmid from Mutual of Omaha

On the heels of the LIMRA Social Media Conference for Financial Services (#LLSMC), Cori Schmid, Social Media and Online Marketing Manager at Mutual of Omaha (@mutualofomaha), joins us in our San Francisco studio to talk about social adoption, digital trends in Financial Services, and of course one of my favorite shows- Wild Kingdom. We were thrilled […] Read more >

The Rise of Social Recruitment, Early Adoption, and Other Insights from LIMRA’s 2015 Social Media Conference

Last year, when Stephen Selby, Assistant Vice President of Regulatory Services for LIMRA, announced that the LIMRA LOMA Social Media Conference for Financial Services (#LLSMC) was coming to San Francisco, no one was more excited about the news than I was. You could hear the enthusiasm in what at the time was only our third Hearsay Social […] Read more >
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#HSonAir Podcast: Themes from the LIMRA Social Media Conference for Financial Services

The LIMRA Social Media Conference for Financial Services (#LLSMC) was in our hometown of San Francisco and we were there to cover the event as we painted the town Hearsay Social Red. In episode 56 we discuss the themes, conversations and highlights of the conference including: the rise of social for recruitment, how early adopters […] Read more >
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Congratulations to the Winners of the 2015 Social Media Silver Bowl Awards!

As the 6th annual LIMRA LOMA Social Media Conference for financial services comes to a close, we’d like to congratulate the winners of the Social Media Silver Bowl Awards! The #SilverBowlAwards recognizes innovation and business success across firms’ and advisors’ use of social media campaigns and programs. Read more >
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Customer Spotlight: Advisor Use of Social Media Thrives at Thrivent Financial (VIDEO)

It's no secret how social media is making a big impact with financial services firms. One such firm, Thrivent Financial, is harnessing the power of social media to discover new ways of creating value and mutual benefit for both company and customer. In this short video, Kyle Marie Woods of Thrivent Financial shares how their team is leveraging social media via Hearsay Social to connect with clients and prospects, and grow their business. Read more >
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New Social Business Maturity Model Enables Firms to Assess Success

To kick off the official start of the 2015 LIMRA LOMA Social Media Conference for Financial Services today, we're thrilled to unveil our new Social Business Maturity Model, a standardized measurement methodology that allows financial services and insurance companies to evaluate the success and progress of their social business programs. Read more >
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#HSonAir Podcast: Introducing the Social Business Maturity Model

To promote the recent launch of our Social Business Maturity Model, Sarah Pedersen (@sarahcpedersen), Director of Customer Success - West / Asia at Hearsay Social, joins us to share how the model was created, how it works, and the key factors for success. Read more >