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In fall of 2000, Clara Shih and Steve Garrity met as freshmen in the Stanford Computer Science Department. Over the next four years, they built a strong friendship and mutual respect which would later become the foundation for Hearsay Social.

Clara joined Google and later Salesforce, helping create the first generation of web applications.

Steve went on to work at Fortify and later Microsoft, where he helped create Windows Mobile and Azure, honing his background in mobile, cloud, and enterprise scale, security, and reliability.

In 2007, a Facebook app Clara had built for fun suddenly went viral. Forrester credited it with “kickstarting the Social Business Movement.” Clara was approached by a publisher to pen the first book about social business. The Facebook Era became an instant hit featured in the NY Times and picked up by Harvard Business School as a marketing textbook.

Realizing that social media presented an even larger opportunity than the web a decade ago— and that enterprises needed help driving business, relevancy, and loyalty in the new era— Clara messaged Steve on Facebook and Hearsay Social was born.

Cold calls no longer work. Your customers today expect to find and hear from you exactly when, where, and how they prefer— on social and mobile. Hearsay Social empowers global teams to use social media to attract prospects, retain customers, and grow business. The enterprise-ready solution boosts productivity and incorporates best practices while ensuring brand integrity and compliance for even the most regulated industries.

Clara, Steve, and the entire Hearsay Social team are passionate about the transformational effect social media has on customer relationships.

In the Social Era, change is the only constant. Hearsay Social’s role is to bridge the gap between Silicon Valley with the needs of the enterprise. We are relentlessly committed to helping you innovate as new technologies continue to turn the world and your customers’ expectations upside-down. Thanks for joining us on this most extraordinary journey.

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